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CONSTER Constant Wattage Heating Cable



Constant power heating cables parallel electrical resistance heater. Tinned wire (1.25SQ) and two side-by-side parallel strands Nickel-chromium heating elements insulated primary wire wrapped around parallel And at regular intervals (1M) alternately in contact with the wire Constitute ZONE .

As an option to increase mechanical strength against external shocks Where there is no risk of corrosion ,the copper Braided shielded Cable should be used and where there is a risk of corrosion  the stainless Braided shielded cable is used.


Principle of Operation

Constant power heating cables are parallel heaters , so the heating cable conductors extending parallel apply constant voltage to constant zone (1m) whole. . Which is in thermal resistance of the nickel-chromium wire wrapped in a spiral around a particular cycle(1M) , and contact with two heat conductors alternately. because of Parallel structure heats, although cut any part of the heater, the power can be constant  . Heating cables according to the operating voltage and power specifications are determined by adjusting the resistance of the voltage and the power to use for various purposes It is easily available in parallel side-by-side.

Heater resistance

Heater resistance test using a resistance meter within the tolerance range of the prescribed regulations that are measured.

*** Standard resistance : 1613 / m ( tolerance : ± 10%)


High voltage test (water)

Heater test the water and ground water in the pre- finished molding Heater for at least one hour between the conductor and the water from the soaked state frequency

50 ~ 60 Hz AC voltage gradually increased , while putting the measures stipulated time to examine the state to withstand .

Samples *** : 1M Heater, 2mA AC 1,000 V/1min


Insulation Resistance Test

Heater Insulation resistance test of the pre- state ground soaked in water at least 1 hour between the conductor and the water more than 100V DC voltage of less than 600V after Putting one minute Insulation resistance is measured after charging .*** Standard : 100M or more


Heat test

Temperature of 250 ± 5 maintained Aging Oven period after 6 hours the specimen was cooled down to room temperature as Check for Abnormalities the surface of the insulator and over Sheathand after around 50mmø three times with a metal rod with spiral wrapped , check for Abnormalities of coating broken and cracked , etc.


Joint tensile strength test

Heater unit and connect fixed to zig Lead Wire tension is added to the standard of the tensile strength of the joint is destroyed and check for the presence of disconnection .

A standard tensile *** : 3kgf


Construction methods